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I started this service in Sherman, Texas in 2009 but I serve all of USA and Canada, wherever I am wanted I will be there. I have access to Luxury Motorhomes throughout USA.

I realized several years ago that many people do not like to fly but want to travel in comfort and see places that can not be seen by air. They may also be afraid to drive in big city traffic and it keeps them from going to the places that they would love to see. I am retired and have been many places in all 48 states including Alaska my thinking was that if I owned a Private Motorhome I could lease it out and drive other families where they want to go and spend as much time at a place as they want to spend. Luckily I came in contact with Ken Goss of GOSS RV in Atlanta that does that very thing. Instead of buying a Luxury Motorcoach and having only one to choose from I can arrange for you to rent or lease one of these Lusury Motorhomes of your choice from Ken Goss and I will driver it for you. I normally keep one in Sherman, Texas but there are some in the Dallas, area ready to go. We have Motorhomes all over the USA so there is probably one near you. So now I say HAVE COACH WILL TRAVEL.

You may also own a Luxury Coach and would rather not drive it, because of the size and realize it is harder to manage than you thought when you purchased it. Large Motorhomes, RV's or Motorcoaches are a lot different than your family car or even large SUV. You may rather visit with their friends while traveling, and maybe have a drink or two, take some pictures or eat a bite. I will drive it for you.

I like to drive families and friends taking them to some of the places I have been and enjoyed. Call me 318-493-9119 and I will drive your Motorhome for you (ANYWHERE).  I live in Sherman, Texas but I will come to you anywhere.

If you do not own your Motorhome, Motorcoach. RV I can arrange for you to lease a Luxury Motorhome from Goss RV that I will drive for you to the destination of your choice.

We can go where you want to go and when you want to go. We will stay as long as you want to stay if it is just one night or for a month let me know. I have several motorhomes available to me most of the time ( some say RV some say motor coach) whatever you call it I can arrange to get one. If you are looking for a cheap way to travel do not call. These are Luxury Motorcoaches that you can live in while traveling. They will have showers, restroom, kitchen, living area and all the conveniences of your home.

Name your convenience and I will try to get it for you, if you want a chef take a look at Chef Cathy Zeis to prepare gourmet meals just let me know and I will try to arrange for it to happen.

Call me day or night till about 10:00PM CDT ---  CELL 318-493-9119
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